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Bilbo Gamgee
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Name: Bilbo Gamgee (10th child of Samwise Gamgee and Rose Cotton)

Nicknames: Billy, Billy-Bo, Bill, The hyper one, brat

Loves: Camping, camp songs, bugs, pancakes, the name Bob, drawing, and his family

Hates: Ponies, having to apologise, dead cows, behaving, and his family

Hero: His brother/adoptive father, Merry

Best Friend: His brother/partner-in-crime, Hammy

Greatest Fears: Abandonmet by loved ones, Theo's threats of a spanking coming true, and Prince Imrahil


- Craves attention, negative or positve

- Overly affectionate

- Cross and teary when over tired

- Hyper and spoiled rotten

- Highly protective of family

- Stresses greatly when his family is at odds with itself

- Will automatically fall asleep in your arms, if you hold him longer than 15 minutes.

Confused? Good. Because I'm a proud member of The Middle-Earth Sock Puppet Players.

Or... I was a proud member of MESPT until April 11, 2003.