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Bilbo Gamgee's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2003-04-11 23:39
Subject:*wanders off*

*yawns* Nap time. *dozes off*

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Date:2003-04-10 18:29

Erchi and I have claimed this stretch of beach, and built a fire using dry twigs, the sun, and a coke bottle. Fire is important, and we made a really good one. Erchi's only burnt himself with it twice, and that last time isn't his fault as I did throw his pillow in.

I think we're never going to leave the beach.


Erchi just walked by mumbling something like, "...we're hobbits, and the hobbits are the best at everything." Then he tripped and singed all his eyelashes off.

*twiddles thumbs*

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Date:2003-04-09 07:22
Subject:Wet, wet, wet, wet!

I went to sleep in the tent, because sleeping in a chair makes my back hurt. But Erchi stayed in his chair all night and the tide came in. I bet he dreamed he peed himself.

Merry didn't come back. Maybe we should go home.

First I should go wake up Erchi. He's not Aquaman.

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Date:2003-04-07 16:19

MUStachioed. musTACHioed. mustachIOed. The mustachioed cow is dancing. La vaca de mustachioed está bailando. Mooooosh-tashioed!

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Date:2003-04-06 16:16
Subject:Today I learned...

No matter how much jello you put in the swimming pool, you still can't walk on water. Also, pool filters do not like jello. Little brothers do though.

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Date:2003-03-26 07:02

Grown-ups are weird. They're always doing that wrestling thing. They didn't know we watched. Hehehehe.

Where's Moraer?

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Date:2003-03-20 20:30
Subject:Things I learned today

1. You can shoot pebbles out your nose.
2. Shooting pebbles from your nose can kill messanger pigeons on accident.
3. Don't shoot pebbles out your nose at Moraer.

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Date:2003-03-13 19:17

Bored just sitting in a cave. Let's do something! Let's draw on the walls or something and be cavemen.


Now people will find that millions of years from now, and wonder what it means. Hahaha.

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Date:2003-03-01 00:48

I have dimples on my butt. :)

:shows them off:

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Date:2003-02-17 19:07

There was a bus, but they wouldn't let Alle or me on 'cause we didn't have 'zact change. But there was a Mordor Pizza Express nearby and we went in there. We asked for some pizza but they wanted money, and we didn't have that. But they gave us pizza if we washed dishes, so we washed about a throusand dishes. We would have washed more than that, but wet dishes are a little slippery. Then the man came back and said, "Hey you, stop breaking our plates or I'll turn you into a balrog's butt plug." Alle bit him.

The sign outside says: Welcome to Mordor.

Is that near Undertowers?

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Date:2003-02-15 23:13

I've seen that tree. And that tree. And that tree. And that tree. I don't think I saw that tree, but I was looking over there because I got tired of looking at that side. But I definitely saw that tree! *points*

Um, Alle, do you know where Undertowers is?

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Date:2003-02-14 17:55

*sniffs and makes a face*

Is someone cooking a shoe?

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Date:2003-01-26 00:00

*twiddles thumbs*

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Date:2003-01-23 19:33
Subject:Kit-ty. Kit-ty. Kit-ty.

*drags Booger around*

Did you know she eats moths? That's DISGUSTING! Can we open some windows and let more in?

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Date:2003-01-12 12:31
Subject:Stupid cricket!

There is a cricket behind the stove at Lijah's house and I know because I kept hearing him, and I tried to look at him by climbing on the stove and looking but the stupid wall was in the way and Lijah kept saying, "Bilbo! The stove is not a jungle gym get down!" But I knew it wasn't a jungle gym because there is no trees or monkeys inside. *rolls eyes* Grown ups are so weird.

I tried dropping a marble on the cricket but it was still chirping and I couldn't get my marble back to try again. Then I dropped one of my green plastic army men, but then it got really smelly back there and I think the cricket killed me and he got smelly, though Dommie says it smells like he melted.

Then I got Dommie's penny jar and I dropped pennies on him, but he's STILL chirping so I don't think I got him.

Maybe if I pour orange juice on him he'll stop.

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Date:2003-01-08 20:40

Whats cookiesss, preciousss? eHehehehe. Can I have cookies? Pleeeease?

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Date:2003-01-07 07:26

Do not put GI Joes in the toaster!

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Date:2003-01-04 21:39

I am writing notes like Lijah today. He takes two baths everyday! EVERDAY! So I wrote a note about Lijah.

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Date:2002-12-30 13:55

I got to talk to Orli on the phone! He said Dommie is half monkey. I will have to see if he likes BANanananans. eHehehe. Mr. Giant Pants says he eats BANanananas with worms in a bowl for breakfast! EEEEEEeEEEEEEeeeewww!

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Date:2002-12-27 15:25

Orli went to look for Merry, so I went to the stables 'cause everyone was running out and maybe if it were a fire that would be exciting!

But it was Cousin Elfwine playing with a pretend horse who was very shiny. He said DON'T TOUCH, but there was this button that was nice and red and I just pushed it ONCE!

Elfwine says some things just don't glue together. I think if you use enough crazy glue it might.

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